Mining Support

Mining Support Services

Cabellos-Pancho offer a variety of services for Mining industry, ranging from consultancy, transport engineering or warehouse management:

The mining industry faces many challenges, and large, bulky equipment and supplies require special handling and on-time delivery, often to remote areas. Shipping of specific materials, mining equipment, and over-dimensional items require different transportation modes and customized vehicles, like flatbed trucks.

  • Logistics consultancy
  • Comprehensive Project Supervision
  • Simulation and risk analysis
  • Emergency attention (spot shipments)
  • Transport Engineering
  • Route studies
  • 3D simulation of oversized cargo transport at critical points
  • Infrastructure conditioning
  • Analysis of stowage, lifting and lashing plans
  • Study of traffic and transit times
  • Bridge reinforcements
  • Transport of oversized cargo
  • Analysis of Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) systems
  • Preservation of equipment and extension of supplier guarantees
  • Warehouse management and material control
  • Naval Engineering
  • Air, Sea and River Chartering
  • Cabotage and shuttle
  • Customs management for project cargo
  • Cost Impact Analysis
  • Reverse logistics
  • Information system to control the whole supply chain (End to End)
  • Inspection of the loading and unloading of the shipment at origin and destination
  • Emergency response management in land transport operations
  • HSEQ supervision of logistics operations
  • Route evaluations for land transport