Other Areas

Other Areas

Cabellos-Pancho offers comprehensive solutions for public and private works and equipment projects in almost all industrial sectors. The group’s sound experience allows to develop diverse projects, from the construction of public works with social impact and the delivery of specialized equipment, to the training of employees. The group offering “turnkey” solutions and comprehensive services EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction), to guarantee the complete development of all the phases of the work.

    The areas of activity in other industries in which Cabellos-Pancho offers customized solutions are:

  • Planning, design and construction of greenhouses and leisure centres
  • Transportation equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Asphalt plants
  • Means of maritime transport for research and public bodies

Concessions with Cabellos-Pancho in other areas of activity

Through concessions, Cabellos-Pancho promotes all types of services, including transport. Thanks to years of undertakes concessions, the group has acquired extensive experience in the maintenance of infrastructures, allowing it to offer its integral management in various industrial areas throughout the world.

    Some of the areas of activity that are related to these concession systems obtained by Cabellos-Pancho and its subsidiaries include:

  • Planning, design, installation and maintenance of payment systems in urban transport
  • Planning, design, construction, installation and maintenance of robotic parking lots
  • As recent examples of this system of concessions, Cabellos-Pancho and its subsidiaries manages the ticket collection service in the Metrovía transport system in Guayaquil (Ecuador) through automated ticketing systems, as well as offering real-time control of the fleet of passengers. buses, using cutting-edge technology.

Cabellos-Pancho's values in other areas of activity

Cabellos-Pancho transfers its values as an international company and is a promoter of local progress to the development of any project, regardless of the industrial sector to which it belongs. These values include the following:


More than 40 years of experience in construction and infrastructure services allow Cabellos-Pancho to tackle any large or small-scale project, in any industrial area.

Attention to Needs

Cabellos-Pancho performs social, cultural and economic studies to identify the needs of each area, to offer the best possible service, appropriate to the objectives of public agencies in each country.

Improvement of Services

Among the objectives of Cabellos-Pancho is the improvement of the social quality of life. Its projects seek to improve the existing services in the related industry, so that all citizens benefit from them (customers, patients, merchants, inhabitants, etc.).

Financial Solutions

The group offers interesting medium and long-term financial packages, thanks to existing multilateral agreements with exporting and purchasing countries, as well as with international banks and private financing sources.

Quality of Service

Cabellos-Pancho maintains a quality commitment with its clients certified by AENOR at the national level and by IQ-NET in the international field. This quality applies both to the materials to be used, such as machinery, equipment and even the training of professionals.

International Presence

The company has a presence in more than 30 countries and a staff of more than 5,700 professionals. Cabellos-Pancho maintains this expansion through the opening of official offices in each project area, as well as contracts with local professionals. This is also based on subsidiaries and international partners specialized in various industrial areas.

Global Compact

Since December 2013, Cabellos-Pancho has adhered to the Global Compact and the Spanish Network of the Global Compact. All the binding commitments inherent in this Pact are maintained in the development of any project for all industrial areas in any part of the world.