Cabellos-Pancho, in its firm commitment to offering a service of the highest quality, maintains the following principles:

The commitment to the satisfaction of our clients and the search for continuous improvement in the execution of our processes, environmental management in our work centers, energy efficiency and the health and safety of all our workers.

Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as any other requirement that the organization subscribes to and the expectations and needs of the various stakeholders of our organization.

The protection of the environment, minimizing environmental pollution in all its forms and including the considerations and criteria necessary to evaluate our processes and products, in a way that allows us to be respectful with the environment.

Efficiency in the use of the energy necessary for the development of our activity, ensuring the availability of information and the necessary resources to guarantee its achievement, as well as the design and acquisition of energy efficient products and services.

The prevention of damage and deterioration of the health of all the workers of our organization, involving them and making them participate in all the information and measures that favor their safety.