Integrated services of Cabellos-Pancho in water treatment projects.

    To obtain the best results in any water treatment project, Cabellos-Pancho offers certain integrated services that allow it to achieve various objectives.The integrated services related to a water treatment project are:

  • Study of the needs and economic development of the region or country.
  • Study, selection and design of the best solution for each stage of the water cycle (based on sustainability criteria, operation and maintenance costs).
  • Financing adaptable to needs.
  • Comprehensive project design.
  • Urban or rural drinking water treatment and supply systems.
  • Urban or rural systems for purification and reuse of wastewater and sanitation (urban or industrial).
  • Assembly, commissioning, operation and maintenance.
  • Design and equipping of Early Emergency Attention Systems.
  • Certified employee training programs at your place of employment.

Advantages offered by Cabellos-Pancho with a water treatment project

    With the water treatment projects, Cabellos-Pancho offers advantages and important improvements in each area of action:

  • Access to drinking water in populations that did not have it.
  • Improvement of options and facilities for irrigation.
  • Attention to emergency cases of need for drinking water.
  • Promotion of local economic development, both by hiring professionals in the area, and by improving the conditions of trade and services.

    Cabellos-Pancho carries out projects related to water treatment in different areas of activity such as the following:

  • Catchments
  • Dams
  • Adductions, conductions and distributions
  • Deposits
  • Water purification
  • Desalination
  • Urban or industrial purification
  • Drainage and sanitation
  • Reuse
  • Training and certification of operators
  • Environmental impact studies of the projects to be executed